Training as a Wilderness Facilitator / in ecotherapy


Are you motivated by the never-ending discovery in the adventure of the outdoors? Are you passionate about sharing knowledge and helping future generations become comfortable and confident appreciators of the natural world? Working as an outdoor educator requires deep technical expertise in outdoor skills alongside hands-on training in the science behind experiential learning and how to create lasting impact for students.

  • for planning personal direction

  • visioning work direction

  • wilderness programme / rites of passage design 

  • logistical requirements of wilderness programmes

  • eco-therapy

  • medicinal plant use

The deliberate incorporation of the natural world into consulting is to acknowledge the many voices available to us if we care to listen - both in ourselves and in the natural world through metaphor. Mental effort can only get us so.

Infinitely greater number of insights and deeper clarity can happen whilst walking. 

Consultation fee:


R550 per hour


We walk in all weather. 

You do not need to be fit.

We walk as slow as is necessary.

Location: Private Nature reserve - Red Hill