1 - 19 May 2020

Epupa Falls to the Marienfluss



photo James Tyrrell

This is a 19 day journey, 12 of these on foot, in the northern most part of Namibia - the Kaokoveld.

Meandering under huge skies is a moving border, a river called the Kunene that lies between Namibia and its neighbouring country, Angola. This ancient river begins in the highlands of Angola and has for centuries supported the semi–nomadic Himba, who are one of Africa’s most successful remaining pastoralist peoples.

For 12 days, starting at the famous Epupa Falls - its fig treesbaobabsmakalani palms, and colored rock walls framing the falls - we walk, following the winding bends of this remarkable river. Our guides are local Himba people who are from these mountains. The area is totally remote and only accessible on foot. It is is 1500 million years old, with huge mountains that stretch as far as the eye can see, gorges, cliffs and incredible waterways.


Pack donkeys carry all of our food and camping gear, therefore we only carry our clothing and smaller items.

We cook on a campfire and sleep under the starry skies, stretched out on the white sand along the banks of the river.

It is chance to tread where few others have been before.
It is a once in a lifetime experience

TOTAL DISTANCE: 170 km walking over 12 days

Day 1 Arrival + overnight in Windhoek

Day 2 Journey to Opuwo

Day 3 Opuwo to Epupa Falls 

Day 4 - 15 Walking (12 days)

Day 16 Return journey to Opuwo

Day 17 Return journey to Windhoek

Day 18 Depart