"Ixazuluwa ngokuhamba. Umntu ngumntu ngabanye."

It is solved by walking. It is through our relationship with all other beings that we experience our full selves.


Nature based health

It is the absence of meaning that is so often behind the private and collective suffering of our time, James Hollis the Jungian psychoanalysis reminds us.


We as human beings need energy-filled images that link us to "other" worlds beyond our rational and emotional capacities. These images are expressed effortlessly and everywhere in nature, where these natural metaphors connect us more deeply with our own nature and our sense of place in the world. 


Ecotherapy involves cultivating this deeper connection to the larger, organic intelligence of which we humans are an extension and tapping into these natural metaphors available to all of us. It addresses the pervasive longing for meaning and fulfilment through through its recognition of how fully and creatively we can mature when soul and wild nature guide us. Nature offers us this dependable field guide for the journey through life's changing landscapes: through muddy places, darkness, deserts, jungles, seasons, all weather and the seemingly impossible bridge crossings of whole paradigm shifts.


An ever-expanding volume of scientific research clearly supports what all nature-based cultures have never forgotten: that we are intimately a part of the world, and our health, mental (and all other levels), and our well-being is a result of knowing our place and purpose and being in relationship with a wider web of more-than-human life. 

Ecotherapy is a good fit if you:

~ Are going through a major transition and need a sense of grounding and clarity

~ Want to honor a rite of passage (marriage, death, birth, change in life or relationship ending)
~ Are overwhelmed at work or home and want rejuvenation, calm and peace
~ Enjoy clearing your mind and finding solutions to your problems outdoors
~ Have always felt a sacredness in the natural world
~ Know that being in nature is healing and want more of it
~ Would like to spend more time outside, but don’t quite know how to do that
~ Feel uncomfortable about going outside alone, and would like this to change
~ Are struggling with anxiety, stress, depression and or panic attacks·    

You do not need to be fit.

We walk as slow as is necessary on a private nature reserve in the southern peninsula of Cape Town.​


R900-R1200 (sliding scale)

Sessions are just over 1 hour.

5% of this goes towards Ujubee - an incredible Cape Bee conservation project as a direct way of reciprocating the gift of insight and wellbeing that comes from spending time where we belong - out-of-doors.