"Ixazuluwa ngokuhamba. Umntu ngumntu ngabanye."

It is solved by walking. It is through our relationship with all other beings that we experience our full selves.

Image by Markus Spiske

R1200 - 60 minute session 

(Medical Aid / International)

(R890 - 60 minute session)

(no Medical Aid)

(Constellations are 90 minutes)

Private Practice number: 0943339 for Medical Aid claims

nature-allied therapy

"Psychology, so dedicated to awakening human consciousness, needs to wake itself up to one of the most ancient human truths: we cannot be studied or cured apart from the planet."

- James Hillman

23 years ago I started working as a nature and wilderness guide and noticed that when people spent time outside their anxiety dissipated, their mood shifted, their thinking changed and they experienced a greater sense of wellbeing. When I trained as psychotherapist I wondered why mainstream psychology made not one mention of this.


So while I am a psychotherapist and registered clinical social worker, I call myself a nature-allied therapist. For me it means that, unlike most mainstream therapies where the difficulties people experience are seen as largely isolated to their own heads, I see each person as an ecosystem, a living web of interconnected relationships.


Through a somatically based psychotherapy I focus on supporting an individual's capacity for increasing connection and aliveness. This is a model for growth, therapy, and healing that, while not ignoring a person's past, more strongly emphasises a person's strengths, capacities, resources, and resiliency. I weave nature-based, contemplative and somatic practices into my traditional therapy training and use, as a foundation, my specialist training in NARM (Neuro-Affective Relational Model) in developmental trauma, Complex-PTSD, intergenerational trauma and collective historical trauma.

I also offer Constellations sessions - family, systems and nature - should this feel like a valuable lens into family dynamics, patterns and challenges. 


Sessions take a variety of forms: they involve time outside together in the mountains, natural medicine consultations, nature-connection practices and tools to take home with you.  My inside office is found in a beautiful old '76 Jurgens caravan within a nature reserve in the Deep South of Cape Town, so we have the choice of an inside outside if the weather demands it. Otherwise we have 54 acres of mountain wilderness to roam on as we choose as part of our session.