"Ixazuluwa ngokuhamba. Umntu ngumntu ngabanye."

It is solved by walking. It is through our relationship with all other beings that we experience our full selves.

Image by Markus Spiske


Nature-allied mental health

"Our greatest longing is to feel alive.

Meaninglessness, depression, anxiety and many other symptoms are reflections of disconnection... When we feel alive, we feel connected, and when we feel connected, we feel alive".

- Dr Laurence Heller. (NARM)

Ecotherapy is about restoring connection.

It involves a wide range of nature-based methods of psychological healing, grounded in the crucial fact that people are inseparable from the rest of nature and nurtured by healthy interaction with the Earth.


Real ecotherapy is about more than simply using nature as a tool for our ideas of human health, and rather about fostering true reciprocity and mutual communication and care with one or more aspects of non-human nature.

An ever-expanding volume of scientific research clearly supports what all nature-based cultures have never forgotten: that we are intimately a part of the world, and our mental health and well-being is a result of knowing our place and purpose in the world and being connected to a wider web of more-than-human life. And that 

You do not need to be fit.

We walk as slow as is necessary on a private nature reserve in the southern peninsula of Cape Town.​

R890-R1200 (sliding scale)

Sessions are just over 1 hour.