In our time, the great question is how we will live in light of the ecological fact that we are bound together in the community of life, one and indivisible. 

David W. Orr, Ecological Literacy


Jess Tyrrell is a licensed clinical social worker and psychotherapist, has an interdisciplinary Masters degree in Environmental Humanities and over 21 years of experience in nature connection all over West and Southern Africa and internationally. She works as an ecotherapist, is a qualified off-trail mountain leader, a lead guide in white water rafting and a trails guide in some of Namibia's big game environments.

Jess also works with and consults for various organizations facilitating wilderness mentoring and education, rites of passage and nature-based curriculum design.

Between running programmes and therapy sessions she teaches group workshops on traditional herbalism and foraging for medicines from her home-base nature reserve in the Deep South of Cape Town. 

Wilderdom is a collections of offerings - ways of experiencing the interconnectedness of life. Programmes, workshops and individual sessions are each facilitated by Jess, who is devoted to promoting ecological awareness and identity, sustainable living as part of a larger more-than-human world, creative learning and improvisational thinking. 

She has a passion for singing, playing guitar, traditional medicine and bushcraft.

The Earth must be seen, not as a collection of objects for our use, but as a communion of subjects of which we are all a part - Thomas Berry